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Pipe Descaling

Drain and Pipe Descaling, West London

You may have experienced the problem of scaling in your water pipes, especially if you live in a hard water area. Drains and stack pipes can also be subject to lime-scaling, only when a drain descales it doesn’t just lead to reduced water flow, but, by the nature of the dirty water flowing through, can also lead to bad odours and blockages.

Drain descaling from fat and grease in Slough, Windsor and Berks

When a drain or stack pipe suffer from lime scale it also gives grease and fat an anchor point in the pipe and as this builds up other debris can be caught by the fat and then full blockages can occur. Obviously, the descaling process also needs to remove these substances as well as the scale itself.

Water Jetting and Rotary Mechanical Pipe Descaling

Whilst water jetting your drain or pipe stack can be effective in cases of light scale build up, more severe scaling requires rotary mechanical pipe descaling. This will also help remove any root egress from plants and trees.

Rotary mechanical pipe de-scalers use a process called ‘back-cutting’ to remove the scale, fat and grease back to the original pipe material, leaving the pipe lovely and clean. Having your pipe descaled in this way is not expensive and afterwards your drain should stay serviceable for 5 to 10 years.

Our pipe and drain descaling service is fast, effective and non-disruptive – often this can be carried out while the pipe is still in use.

Don’t forget we operate throughout West London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Middlesex.

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