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Drain fat and grease removal, West London

RF Drains specialise in the removal of fat and grease from waste and drain pipes, which otherwise can cause a blocked drain. We offer both a domestic and commercial service, specialising in commercial kitchens, hotels and restaurants.

We operate throughout Berks, Bucks, West London and Middlesex

Despite using washing up detergents and dishwasher detergents, it is wrong to think that we can wash away grease and fat down our sinks. Despite detergents emulsifying fats (breaking them down into smaller particles so they wash off), they will accumulate together again once they ‘knock into’ each other in the drain. That’s why you still get fatty deposits in dishwasher pipes and in and around your plughole. Once the fat accumulates in the drain, then you have trouble – nasty smells and blocked drains, to say nothing of the health risks.

Grease traps, Water Jetting and Rotary Mechanical Pipe Descaling

If you are washing away large volumes of fat, grease and oil over the year, such as with commercial premises like restaurants, then installing a grease trap in the drain itself is the most effective answer. This does require excavating the drain to install it. For most cases fat and grease removal can be achieved by descaling the drain, or high-pressure water jetting. Our drain fat and grease removal service is fast, effective and non-disruptive, so call us today for a competitive quote with no obligation on your part.

For more information contact us at rfdrains@gmail.com or call 07899 272567 at any time .

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