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Blocked Drains clear in West London and Slough area, guaranteed

RF Drains are THE experts at clearing blocked drains or unblocking drains that have become silted up with fat, grease and other debris. We offer a quality assured, guaranteed service at competitive prices 24/7, 365 days a year. Based in Slough close to Windsor and West London we guarantee our service to our clients.

We also offer blocked drain clearance services within a 50-mile radius of West London

We operate throughout West and Central London, Middlesex, Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire and Sussex. If you have a blocked drain in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Hounslow, Staines, Feltham, Bedfont, Wembley, Harrow, Crawley, Sunbury, Kingston-upon-Thames, we can help you. Our location close to several motorway access points means we can be with you quickly.

So, why do drains get blocked?

Over time all drains and waste pipes need cleaning in some way at some time, even if it means using a simple drain cleaning fluid to the blockage and freshen the drain. However, drains are often subject to abuse. Scale, silt, grease and foreign objects inevitably accumulate and usually it’s only a matter of time before the pipe’s capacity and flow is reduced or obstructed to create the conditions for a blockage.

Cooking fat is probably the biggest offender, since even if you use detergents to emulsify fat from pans, once in the drain it often still accumulates and forms a blockage. Structural defects, such as cracks, can also be a cause. Protruding edges of a crack can form an obstacle and a disruption to flow. These cracks can become anchor points for debris. Egress from tree and bush roots breaking in to pipes will also act in the same way.

We Unblock Drains in Berks, Bucks & Middlesex?

RF Drains will use one of several methods, such as water jetting, or a combination of methods, to clear your blocked drain and, so long as you follow our advice, it should ensure that your drain remains unblocked for years to come.

You can also relax with the peace of mind that our work is fully guaranteed and is carried out by fully trained and certified staff. All at a competitive price.

For more information contact us at rfdrains@gmail.com or call 07899 272567 at any time.

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